Client Presentation Includes Entirety of Kubrick's 1975 Epic 'Barry Lyndon'

Client Presentation Includes Entirety of Kubrick's 1975 Epic 'Barry Lyndon'
Milton Milton
Columbia University, Division of War Research '43-'45

FORT WAYNE, IN - Sources have confirmed that last Thursday’s presentation to client executives, ostensibly about “Supply Chain Optimization,” did include a complete viewing of Stanley Kubrick’s period masterpiece, Barry Lyndon. The otherwise 45-minute PowerPoint deck, delivered by senior consultant Christopher McCann, began with a conventional overview of the work for which Deloitte had been hired, but the subsection “Process Modernization” apparently required all 185 minutes of the visionary director’s adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray’s 1844 novel about an Irish rogue who rises through European society during the Seven Years’ War, according to those present.

“I didn’t quite get what point Chris [McCann] was trying to reinforce with all this,” admits General Electric regional logistics manager Eileen Willick, referring the often-overshadowed critical darling that has been described as “detached, cold and to a degree unburdened with the pressure of entertaining an audience.” Nevertheless, the general consensus at the meeting was that the presentation as a whole was beautifully shot and rendered, including the Kubrick’s masterful candle-lit cinematography as well as McCann’s clip-art animation effects. The client representatives lamented the film’s lack of recognition in popular Kubrick retrospectives and praised the Deloitte team for the overall project efforts.

“For what it’s worth, Lyndon should be lauded as much for its technical ambition as its emotional resonance to demand planning inventory control,” Mrs. Willick continues, “I didn’t even mind sitting there for over four hours and it’s much better than anything that would remind me of last weekend.”

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