Reservist Coworker 'Deploys', Gets Paid to Drink, Party in San Diego

Reservist Coworker 'Deploys', Gets Paid to Drink, Party in San Diego
Janet Janet
from Accounting

ATLANTA, GA - Associate claims adjuster Gary Gaviola from the Metlife (MET) regional office in Atlanta has reportedly “deployed” again with his U.S. Navy Reserve unit, which is conducting training operations with San Diego’s Third Fleet. Mr. Gaviola’s coworkers appear to be riled by the fact that he will be receiving paid company leave to complete his military obligation, as is MetLife policy.

“We always knew that Gary was “in the military”, and I guess that’s pretty cool,” says officemate Michael Lombardi, “but we never really asked him about it. I guess we all just assumed that it was some Top Gun stuff or something, not this.” Over the weekend, Mr. Gaviola has been seen on social media at a San Diego Padres Game, drinking at a few of the city’s premier craft breweries, and enjoying the beach at the popular Pacific Beach Shore Club.

Other members at the office appear to be irked by by the absence. “I mean, I’m as patriotic as the next guy,” fellow claims adjuster Maryanne Plunket assures Boredroom News reporters, “but these end-of-year reports aren’t going to file themselves. And Gary did take the three-week training course on it, so I don’t know why the Navy can’t find another F-18 pilot to play volleyball, or whatever else Gary is doing in Instagram.” Others in the office have echoed these sentiments and have asked why Mr. Gaviola has to leave them short-changed every 3 or 4 years so that he can gallivant in exotic locales.

Mr. Gaviola has put his civilian life on hold in the past; his previous mobilizations include Oahu, Hawaii and Helmand Province, Afghanistan, where we was awarded two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star.

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